There are millions of interactions taking place every day. Every interaction is an opportunity – a moment in time where views are shared and perceptions are formed. Not just the interactions we all know about, but the small, seemingly insignificant ones that we have to discover. Together, these interactions shape opinion, belief and trust.To have a real impact, we have to make every interaction count.
We invest 10% of our time researching and developing ideas in new areas for us. This helps us see the future more clearly and is a proactive way to demonstrate how our methods can positively influence new behaviour in health and wellbeing.
We are always looking to work with people who want to make a difference in consumer health. If you have a suggestion for a Lab 10 project, please tell us here.

IPA Best of Health 2015

  • Stories of Rebirth – Silver x5, Bronze x3
  • The Week After – Silver, Bronze x2
  • Let’s Talk Sh*t – Bronze x2

Rx Club of New York 2015

  • Stories of Rebirth – Award of Excellence
  • Let’s Talk Sh*t – Award of Excellence

Awards, what are they good for? Absolutely everything!

They confirm that your work is well crafted, highly compelling and a brilliant thought. They also confirm that real creativity is alive and kicking in your agency. Leo Burnett once said, “Curiosity about life, in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. ” I can confirm that all the creatives at Frontera London are wonderfully curious people. Frank Walters.

Past Awards

Rx Club of New York

  • 2014 Little Miss Fearless takes flight – Award of Excellence
  • 2014 Great People Wanted – Award of Excellence
  • 2013 Save the Male – “Carveth’s way” Award
  • 2013 Lung Clock – Interactive Silver Award
  • 2013 Save the Male – Interactive Award
  • 2013 Save the Male – Print Award

PM Society

  • 2013 Lung Clock – Geoff Brook Innovation Award
IPA Best of Health

  • 2014 Little Miss Fearless takes flight – Silver
  • 2014 Little Miss Fearless takes flight – Bronze
  • 2014 Great People Wanted – Bronze x5
  • 2013 Save the Male – Silver x2
  • 2013 Save the Male – Bronze x3
  • 2013 Lung Clock – Bronze x3 

The Globals

  • 2014 Little Miss Fearless takes flight – A Global
  • 2014 Great People Wanted – Finalist

Case Studies



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